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Asylum Heights

Thursday , January 6 , 2011

Dave the Cat

Hey Kids! Be sure to check out the fantabulous Adventures of the Asylum Heights crew over at our new home at!




Dave the Cat


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Asylum Heights is an infamous counter culture webcomic chronicling the Nihilistic saga of a coterie of metropolitan bohemians, their misadventures and the decrepit apartment block that is their sanctuary. Asylum Heights: Urban Primitives and the Quest for Slack is a production of Dave the Cat. Asylum Heights is a satirical work of fiction, any resemblance to any real people or institution living, dead or imagined is purely coincidental. Asylum Heights is the only alternative or indi web comic recommended by nine out of ten cat owning dental hygienists in a double blind taste test over the next leading competitor more then forty percent of the time. Asylum Heights is made entirely out of environmentally friendly recycled pixels. Asylum Heights is best applied directly to the visual cortex through the eye, Asylum Heights is not approved for oral, rectal or internal use by the FDA. Asylum Heights does not officially condone drug use, political insurrection, piracy, death defying stunts, malicious rumour mongering or any other morally ambiguous, personally dangerous or socially destructive activity depicted within the comic, no matter how totally wicked awesome it may be. Asylum Heights is not a major source of dietary fibre, iron or potassium. Asylum Heights is not considered a replacement for regular meals, personal hygiene or human social interaction. Asylum Heights should not be read while operating heavy machinery, skydiving, performing open heart surgery, or negotiating a hostage release. Asylum Heights should not be used as a personal protective device, prophylactic, or emergency floatation device. Use of Asylum Heights should be limited if it results in excessive anal bleeding, catatonic misanthropy, high functioning violent delusional psychosis, or “Michael Bay” syndrome. Asylum Heights is not to be held responsible for any consequences if not operated by a trained and certified professional. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by this comic and website are not necessarily those of the author. Asylum Heights is a satirical work of fiction and would like to whole heatedly apologize to any minor gods, deities, demons, pan dimensional beings, extra terrestrial civilizations, trans-galactic emissaries or hyper intelligent shades of the colour purple that may be accidentally offended by the contents of the comic. Asylum Heights would also like to not apologize in advance to any humans, humanoid robots or related primates, unless they're really hot, or Chuck Norris. Suck it humans.



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